Celebrating our 2018 KEYS Scholars


Danny Williams Scholarship Award


This scholarship serves to honor the legacy of Coach Danny Williams. Danny Williams was a long-standing volunteer, coach and board member to the Kansas City Keys Community Council, who passed away in 2013. Danny was well known for his upbeat attitude, humor, love for others, and commitment to helping youth. Danny Williams embodied the ideals and attitude of excellence and sought to instill those values in the youth he served.

Scholarship Award

Scholarship award winners will receive a $250 book scholarship. Candidate(s) that win the scholarship will be invited to the Scholarship Awards Ceremony in May. Scholarship funds will be held until Fall enrollment is verified.

Scholarship Requirements

  • Graduating senior (Class of 2018)
  • Enrolled into a 2-year or 4- year University or College for Fall 2018
  • Completed Application and Essay Questions
  • A letter of Recommendation (Non- Family Member)

Scholarship winners will be announced February 3, 2018. A minimum of 10 hours of community service and 3 life skills training will need to be completed before receiving the scholarship.

Celebrating our 2017 KEYS Scholars


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